Live amplification for Gig performer and guitar

What kind of amplification would you recommend for this software for a live performance? I’ve got a 400 watt Laney FRFR112, and a FCB1010 midi foot controller.

Well… whatever floats your boat. :sunglasses:
There are so many very good guitar plugins available. Maybe if you’d tell us more about your preferred music style?
It’s quite aimless to recommend a heavy distortion plugin if you do singer/songwriter music, isn’t it?

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I play hard rock/aor. I have vst of all kinds, Amplitube, guitar rig, Overloud, Mercuriall…


For me, one of the greatest benefits of going digital is losing the heavy hardware (amps, cabs) and at the same time having access to hundreds of them. Of course, that only works if you can still get great tone. I play a lot of shows live and get complimented on my tone all the time.

TH-U, which comes free with GP is actually really good. But at this point, my sounds mainly come from Neural Amp Modeler (NAM) with some great cab IR’s. NAM is really amazing!

Personally, I would find it way too limiting to play through one amp and cab, but many still use a power amp and cab in conjunction with plugin preamps.

Check out Neural Amp Modeler. It’s not only one of, (if not THE) best quality guitar plugins out there, it’s also free!

Where are you finding those? I have yet to find even one IR for NAM that I like.

On you can find amp only, full rig or cab IRs. Also, some guys upload cab IRs bundled in the amp captures. However, I mainly use my Ownhammer or York Audio IRs.

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You may want to to check out NeuralDSP plugins and ML Sound LAB plugins.
We have many contributions from our community members that created awesome templates for these plugins. Check out here: Topics tagged guitar


A buddy guitar-player uses a small Waza amp for gigging which sounds great to me. I think he uses toneworks pedals for the IRs.

I use MOD Devices (MOD-X) and they support AIDA-X which has a ton of IRs. With AIDA-X, you can also create an IR of your Laney dialed-in exactly the way you like it. It’s open source and you try it online first. You can port the IR’s to a “Dwarf” (effect pedal) for gigging. The MOD-X I use allows me to run amp sims, lots-o-pedals, cab IR and convolusion rever IRs with ease. I used to carry around a heavy fender twin for my electric piano/clav and now I don’t.