Linking GP4 to Omnisphere

Trying to link a slider widget to modulation CC1, in Omnisphere, no luck so far😡

I can control it no problem if i don’t use a widget thu

Why cc1 and not use host automation?

My expression pedal is set for continuous controller one which is what usually controls modulation, and I thought by sending continuous controller 1 to GP4 I was using host automation, but I can’t get GP4 to communicate modulation using the widget to omnisphere

I assume that host automation means using widgets, thu i’ve never heard of host automation before

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I see nothing in omnisphere that allows you to map the mod wheel to host automation… in all the different menus under system/mod wheel

And the other place i found mod wheel in omnisphere, i was able to assign that to the right parameter, but when i bring up the menu for host automation, host automation is greyed out🤬

I think there’s a bit of confusion here.

Host automation lets you control any parameter that the host exposes by using widgets controlled by your hardware controller, including your mod wheel. So, for example, if you want to change the filter cutoff frequency using your modwheel, you could attach a widget to your modwheel and then map that widget to the filter cutoff frequency of the plugin via host automation. In many other cases, the modwheel is used to control the depth of an LFO and you could map that same widget to LFO depth.

Now, if you want a widget to directly control the modwheel function in a plugin but the plugin doesn’t have a host parameter to represent the modwheel then (a) complain to the plugin developer and then (b) map the slider to the cc1 parameter of a MIDI In block that is connected to the plugin. Then moving that slider (either directly or via a mapping to whatever hardware knob you want to use) will cause the MIDI In block to send CC1 messages to the plugin.

That’s what i’m doing now, sending CC1 right to omnisphere, works fine, i’m just trying to do it the way you suggested, sending CC1 to the widget, and link the widget to omnisphere using host automation, but there doesn’t seem to be a real way to do that with omnisphere

Is there anyone out there that’s been able to link omnisphere mod wheel to host automation?

I thought I explained above. In this particular situation, if the plugin doesn’t provide a parameter for it, then you use the host automation support provided by the GP Midi In Block to generate the CC1 message rather than sending CC1 directly from hardware directly to the plugin.

This has many benefits:

  1. you can use physical knobs, sliders or expression pedals to cause CC1 messages to be sent to the plugin even though those physical knobs, etc. are themselves generating completely different CC numbers

    1.1 That means you don’t have to adjust your physical expression controller to actually send real CC1 messages. Your expression pedal can be sending out CC11 values, it doesn’t matter.

  2. you can leverage widget scaling so, for example, moving your expression pedal through its full range will only cause a subset range of CC messages to be sent, i.e, sending CC values between 0 to 127 from your expression pedal might only cause values between 0 and 20 to be sent to the plugin. Heck, you can even invert the values so sending 0 to 127 from your expression pedal will send 127 to 0 (or 64 to 0) to the plugin

  3. Using widget grouping, your single expression pedal can control multiple parameters simultaneously, for example speed up the LFO vibrato while increasing the filter cutoff frequency or do volume cross fading or morphing, etc

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Host automation
The old approach of controlling plugin parameters is through the direct MIDI controller mapping to these parameters. However, the modern approach of controlling plugin parameters is through the plugin’s host automation support. This means that a host (Gig Performer) can automate (manage) plugin’s parameters through widgets. Link: Basic terminology (user manual)

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