Licence advice - moving from hrad drive to SSD

I would appreciate some advice please as I’m sure somebody has had this problem before.

So Windows 10: I want to migrate my laptop system hard drive (C:) to an SSD. Performing the migration is not a problem as I have done this before on other systems - but I would appreciate any advice anyone can please provide on licencing issues. So as a starter I clearly need to disable my Gig Performer licence before I start. Anything with a dongle (e.g. iLok) should not be a issue: but what about PianoTeq; Waves plugins (always seem a problem at every turn anyway); and Spectrasonic stuff.

Can anyone think of anything else likely to be an issue?


You would have to check with the individual plugin developers. It is impossible for us to know what are the licensing rules/requirements for the many thousands of plugins that are out there.

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