Level meters on touch osc

I have created level meter widgets In GP to monitor the levels of my backing tracks and these are working fine.

I also have an android tablet which fits on a mic stand on which I have touch OSC installed with buttons to select previous/next song and also the play from start and Start/Stop functions on the Audio player

The template also has a label which shows the selected song.

Is there any way I can get touch OSC to show my level meters or would I need something more sophisticated like Lemur

I have created 2 fader controls and tried to link them to the meter widgets using /“fadername”/GetValue and setting the meter widget to OSC name “fadername” but this does not seem to work

Best Regards Mark

I suppose you used some kind of GP Mixer plugin for this?
If yes, I think there is now way to do what you want to do as the levels/meters information from these plugins are not “real parameters” like any other plugin parameters, but are parameters dedicated to the meter widgets which are themselves special widgets dedicated to display levels/meter information.

Yes I used the level gain plugin and mapped the meter widgets to the intensity parameter on these

Best Regards Mark