Lenovo Bios Update 10/11

I go a pop up to do this. (Lenovo Thinkpad 16 (Gen 2))

Has anyone else done this? Any experience?

(Maybe Lenovo Vantage should be turned off so I do not get these pop ups? ]

I turned off Vantage a long time ago. :slight_smile:
(on my Lenovo Yoga)

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Take a look to the release notes and find if it is a mandatory or critical update. I am not sure if you can roll back in case you find issues with the new update.

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I uninstall it, then reinstall every 6 months or so to check for updates, update, then uninstall again.

I think this update is just “recommended”. If I get more information, I will post it here.

(My computer seems to be working fine).


Themaartian, do you install (“recommended”) BIOS updates?

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I install BIOS updates every time. That said, there were a couple of BIOS updates a couple of years ago that borked. They looked like they installed correctly, but on reboot, the previous version was restored from the BIOS secure backup (a nice feature!). That happened when I was updating via the Lenovo app. When I downloaded the BIOS update file from the Lenovo website and updated manually, that update worked. The most recent BIOS updates (at least the last 2 years) have installed correctly from the Lenovo app.

My P17 has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. I have the ThinkPad TB3 Workstation (port extender) attached to one, and have a LOT of different things plugged into it. My 2 TB TB3 samples SSD is plugged into the other. So, a lot going on on the hardware side. There is a separate Lenovo Thunderbolt driver that has also been updated a couple of times, but I want my BIOS as up-to-date as possible.

I know, tl;dr. :stuck_out_tongue: