Lemur works 'both ways' but GP does not?


Any suggestions here? On Mac everything works great…
On PC on the other hand Lemur DOES work both ways, so what I do on the PC editor is reflected on iPad and the other way around…
But in GP the PC actions go to iPad but NOT the other way around…
IP-addresses are set correctly (even checked separately from ipconfig) but iPad movements are just not shown on GP…

Any ideas on what that could be??? (GP2 by the way)


You have to configure both IP addresses and ports and in particular, you need to make sure that your iPad is sending messages to the IP address and port on which GP is listening.

The most likely options for failures are:

  1. Your IP addresses/ports are not configured properly or
  2. If you changed the listening port on Gig Performer, you changed it to something that is already in use or
  3. Your Windows firewall is blocking connections


ports are set : 8000/8001
so the basic ones…
my guess would be firewall issues as well, but is there a way from windows to see which ports are in use??


The default port on which GP listens is 54344
We deliberately did not use ports in the 8000 because so many other apps use them.

On Windows you can use

netstat -an | find “TCP” | more

to see what TCP ports are being listened to


netstat -an | find “UDP” | more

to see what UDP ports are being listened to (OSC is over UDP)

However, please understand that we can’t provide official support to solve networking issues


Thanks David - will try - surely understand you can’t provide support but all expertise and insight helps!! especially on Windows :smile:
congrats on GP3 by the way - not fully clear yet what is actually intended with the song area…

And I was hoping to see better copy/paste options… I tend to have pretty much cabling with plugins, gains and mixers with OSC going on, and it would be nice just to select a couple of items from another rack setup and copy and paste that to an other…
there are already some racks that are set up in a way I now need to expand upon, but now have to everything in the following rack again (setting up extra mixers etc)
It would have been nice if there was sort of a setup like in Lemur where you would have containers that combine a lot of stuff, like sub-racks that you could copy and paste into another rack…


doh - just made a new song - understand what songs/setlist is for better now! Ending up with just a couple of racks in the end I see… (doesn’t take this copy paste thing away though)


GP3 is not the end of the line :slight_smile:


hahaha sorry to be asking more :smiley:
That’s what you get when a program is already so capable… you start to expect more…
ah ya - for instance like : being capable to copy all settings from one panel in a rack to copy that over to an other rack, or did I miss anything that already does that??


In GP3, you can export a panel as a template and pull it in to another rackspace. MIDI connections will be remembered but no parameters (plugins are not exported with a panel)


Ya I use the templates, but it’s precisely things like fader settings and stuff that would come in handy…
I am not sure if I can do stuff in Lemur to sort of make presets in the panels - I might be able to create arrays in which I save the fader values and then use different arrays for different presets or multi-dimensional arrays if it can do that…


but especially with the mixers the ‘fader presets’ could come in handy and in the backend the copying and pasting of multiple items with cables and stuff would be very handy


Understood - but a “panel” is not a rackspace ---- we understand completely what you want — as I said before,

GP3 is not the end of the line!


Ya David, I realise a panel is not a rack, so there might possibly have to be a way in that case to ‘group’ elements together (‘panelize’ if you will)…
Sorry for rambling on like this…
Don’t want to be nagging on - especially when you have just introduced GP3!!!
Sorry again :wink:


Changing Firewall settings and switching to port 54344 did the job… thanks for the UDP check code!!!