Lemur being dropped from the App Store

I just learned that Lemur will no longer be supported after September 1, 2022.

I was on the fence about which OSC product I was going to use with GP: Lemur, TouchOsc, or MIDI Designer Pro 2.

I checked out “MIDI Designer Pro 2” and discovered it does not support OSC. So, I am going to drop it from my shortlist until someone of knowledge tells me differently.

I am hoping I can get some advice from my fellow GP and iPad Users?

Lemur development has stopped and the app will be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store on 01 September 2022.

It was a difficult decision to make but one for which the time had come.

You’re right.
Link: https://liine.net/

TouchOSC is a nice alternative: Gig Performer | Working with TouchOSC and Gig Performer [guest article]


I’ve been using TouchOSC the paid version with some great success. On my old iPad 4 mini

I’ll put in a plug for using Open Stage Control which is completely free, very capable, and very actively developed.

It runs through a web browser so you don’t actually need an app on your phone, ipad, or remote computers. Easiest setup is running the server on your GigPerformer machine, then you connect to it by browser from whatever devices you want.