Lemur and text in GP 3


It seems that the OSC lemur switch is not working in GP3. I don’t get any text from GP3 in my iPad using lemur. GP2 still works fine and a touchOSC template works fine wether the ‘Lemur’ switch is on or off in GP3. I just updated to 3.2.7 and it still won’t work.



Yes, OSC got a significant overhaul and a new Lemur template was released




Maybe I’m not making myself clear. GP3 is not sending ‘RackspaceName’ in a readable form to my Lemur template on my iPad. It makes no difference if the ‘Lemur’ pref is checked or not. TouchOSC will read it but not Lemur. Interestingly TouchOSC will read it even if the ‘Lemur’ pref is checked.



Sigh…please try the new template



Have you modified the template that @dhj sent the link for in any way?

Are you absolutely sure you are using that new template? As he mentioned - you NEED the new template as things got overhauled in this version of GP



You’re right. The new template works. What do I need to do to get the old template working? I haven’t found any use for songs or parts yet. Maybe I’ll just stick with GP2 for now and go through the extra 20 or so scripts that were added to the template to figure it out.



I don’t understand…the new script has everything that the old one did. Just stay in the mixer view tab.
The fundamental communication protocol has changed and so the old script will simply not work with GP3.



No worries. From the beginning I’ve made my own templates. I’m controlling 3 instances of GP from an iPad Mini. I look forward to the challenge.



OK - presumably in that case you either examined the OSC data being sent from GP or you reviewed the functions in the Lemur Script. You’ll have to do that again to see what has changed. In particular (and the reason why GP3 is not working with your older script) the format of OSC text messages has changed. In GP2, when the Lemur box was checked, the OSC message included an attribute @content but that attribute is no longer required. So for example, in GP2, to set the name of a slider label to foo, it would send out a two argument message

/Slider5Name @content foo

But now it will only send out a single argument message

/Slider5Name foo

So your older code was probably looking at the second argument for the string and now it needs to look at the first argument.

Also, the Lemur checkbox now behaves differently. In particular, when you check it, GP3 sends parameterized arguments because Lemur scripts can handle such things and it allows much more flexibility. If you uncheck that box, the messages are simplified so that TouchOSC (for example) can handle them, but you lose a lot of flexibility.

Hopefully that will help



Take a look at the new template just as you already did it for the first one :wink:



Well that was easier than I anticipated. Just changed the OSC_ARGS(1) to OSC_ARGS(0) and voilà. I have labels again.

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