Launchpad stops working on rackspace changes

I’ve setup a Novation Mini Launchpad MK3 to change rackspaces. It stops working during performances. If I hit the midi panic on my laptop it will start working after several attempts and then work flawlessly for the rest of the gig. I am only sending program changes on midi channel 16 from the launchpad. My other controller is a Nektar LX88+ on Channel 1. The sound and midi controllers on the LX88+ continue to work without any kind of problem (drawbars etc). The problem for me is that I play keyboard bass and keys and I can’t change rackspaces at the laptop in the middle of a song. Any suggestions?

This is not related to the Global Rackspace.

In the Global Midi Menu there is an option to set it up so it learns a button on my controller for next rackspace/next song, next variation/ song part, back rackspace/song, etc. (My terminology may not be precise).

I just use midi learn for the buttons on my controller that that send the midi message and done. I have not had a problem (at least not one that was not user error, hah!). If I ever do have a problem, I can just remap it in 30 seconds at the start of the gig. (I have never had it stop working in the middle of a session).

(I think you have to be careful not to also define those buttons in Rig Manager.)

Look up Global Midi Menu in the manual.

(I think you are generally better off using GP methods for changing rackspaces/variations/song parts instead of using midi program changes).

It is not setup in Global rackspaces. It does not show up in the regular rackspaces as a controller. How is yours set up in global rackspaces?

Thanks. I will check that out. I appreciate your help!!!

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