Latest Version for PA-Alliance customers

I tried to install the latest Version of Gig Performer but it asks for a serial - understandably…

But: I bought GP from Plugin Alliance, they never gave me one and I have to activate the software from their homepage. Which does not work with the installer from the GP-site.

PA-Alliance site is still on 3.7.0, GP on 3.7.1.

I was hoping maybe my bank switching issues would be fixed in 3.7.1… not very likely, but worth a try, I thought.

The license you bought is from Plugin Alliance.
The license from the Gig Performer site is a different license system.

So you cannot run Gig Performer from the Gig Performer website with a license you got
from PA.

Regarding your bank switching issue:
Can you create a small gig where the issue occurs, I could check for you.

its here…

No download possible from Dropbox? Everything is there.

GP Bank Select Problem LIGHT NO AUDIO UNITS.gig (80.4 KB)

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This is the same without all Audio Units.
Bank select problem as visible as before.

Thanks for your research!