Latency issues recording to Logic Pro with Universal Audio - UAD Console

Hey GP’s!!

I just bought GP unlocked and tried recording stuff into Logic Pro.

That is basically what I intend to use it for.

Please correct me if I’m wrong:

As far as I understand the concept, I should be able to create crazy vocal and guitar chains and record them latency-free through blackhole into my DAW. Right? I still get latency though

I have the feeling that most other DAWs do not appear to have the latency issues I experience with Logic. I did use Ableton yrs ago but gave up on it… I know that Logic differs to some other DAWs because there are several latency settings to take into account. I still feel that I never get it right. Not even with my UAD Interface.

Unison recording only works kind of halfass imo because plugins like Auto-Tune always seem to be turned into low latency mode which means you only hear the true effect when playing back the recorded file, not while monitoring. Some plugins screw up the latency so bad, that I only use them as after fx. That is probably why they released LUNA, but it is not ready to substitute Logic for me and I also get the same issues with plugins not playing in full effect while monitoring.

Could be I#m hallucinating, who knows…

Even when doing the Mute thing in console (it does work then) but most of the plugins are running low-lat or a bit reduced?? mode until recorded and played back.

Could be the routing or simply some other stupid setting. Tried everything imo (software monitoring, low latency setting, buffers etc…)

If there is anyone in the community who has a similar setup I would be f’’’in grateful if that person could give me a step-by-step rundown for idiots, because it’s kinda driving me insane. I’m not super tech-savvy but I’m no idiot as well, but this ish right here sure makes me feel like one.

Again my latency/setup problem as SIMPLE as POSSIBLE:

—Record a vocal or guitar chain through blackhole AND OBVIOUSLY UAD CONSOLE into Logic Pro latency-free using PA, UAD and other plugins!! —-


Thanks in Advance and BTW this plugin is simply the best thing that happened to me…if I can get it to work.

The sounds I get out of it we’re simply impossible before!!

Would love to be able to use plugins like Soothe2 and Auto Tune in full effect on Vocals. That would solve so many issues pre-mixing that you could finish 10 tracks a day. Are there no-go plugins that just don’t work because of lookahead issues?

Simply mind-blowing!! Heavy Stuff!!

A DAW can do latency compensation because the plugins are not played in realtime.

And welcome to the family :wink:

Try to use as low sample buffer as possible in Gig Performer.

Thanks for the reply and the welcome pianopaul!

I know about DAW latency compensation, still I thought that gig Perfomer as a stand alone unit should not be affected post plugin-chain recorded into Logic. I understand that there will be a limit to stacking up big plugs at some point.
Still, I imagined the GP-signal would be treated as a simple (undelayed signal) and recorded as such with GP doing the work before going in and logic only seeing a regular input signal.

Shouldn’t the buffer settings of both the DAW and GP be unaffected by each other?

As I explained, I know latency compensation usually turns off plugins. I got used to that.

I just thought GP or UAD would actually solve this problem with REAL real-time monitoring. But if I understand you right, that is just not possible? correct?

Welcome around @acgreen
“food for thought”


Thank keyman,

did and read all of the above, still doesn’t answer my question.

article 1 doesn’t solve because I still either get latency issues or can’t hear the effect in real- time.

Why? If it is a stand-alone-unit? I just don’t get it. If it doesn#t work it doesn’t work, but I can’t find this question answered anywhere. I get what latency fine-tunig is about. I just don’t see why GP can’t be monitored as it is by my DAW because after all it is doing the processing BEFORE coming into Logic.

Thanks a lot though!

Try simplifying the signal chain, all the way back to direct only, no effect. That should get you back to near-zero latency. Then add plugins one by one until you find the big offender(s). Something tells me it’s one or two specific plugins in your chain that are causing the latency. If there’s latency with no plugins, then obviously the problem is in the setup and routing. Logic can be odd that way.

I’m a Win 10 user, but I do run multiple instances of GP first in a chain(with a lot of plugins active) that ends up in another app with near-zero latency. In one of the links of that chain I am running Auto Tune Artist with low latency enabled in the plugin, so I don’t think that’s your problem.

OK — I’m the one who wrote that blog article. My writeup was based on routing Gig Performer output into Blackhole and then have Logic (the new latest version) receive that audio via blackhole. I use Logic input monitoring. I don’t know what latency you’re detecting (or how you are detecting it) but all I can say is that I did these experiments both with keyboards triggering plugins in GP and with guitar input going through various effects plugins. I didn’t notice any latency at all.


Thanks for the reply!!

there are definetly a few offenders in my chain…simply copied my regular chain to test the plugin!

Do I understand you correct that you are basically cascading several instances of GP to save on CPU? That works? I’ll try that and let you know!

Are you running a UAD Auto Tune Version or the regular Antares? Ihave the feeling it has something to do with UAD Plugins, which suggests I might have smth. wrong in my UA settings.

Thanks anyway for the quick help!! @edm11

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As I said above I’ll give this thing a new try! Have you tried Vocals as well? I have not updated Logic yet because Softube and some others have not yet updated and say they could crash in the version. Can’t afford that at the moment.

In no means did I mean to offend your article…as I said chances are I am just screwing up.

All I wanted was just a step by step rundown of latency settings by someone using the same setup. Logic and UAD have several approaches…Just wanted to know which one works best.

Will try again and give you guys updates. Thanks again!!

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No offense was taken (or even considered). I just wanted to point out that I did such recording fro Gig Performer into Logic and had no issues.

Not to save on CPU, but to have one instance of GP for a ‘global rackspace’ that has elements which I don’t want to switch with every rackspace change(vocals), while the other instance can have multiple rackspaces/variations with various setups.

You could be correct there. I’m running the Antares version.

Awesome! My Bad then…Thanks again!

Makes Sense…Thanks for that input as well!