Latency going through GP

I am currently testing GP and VST plugins.

My configuration is Windows laptop, with a StudioLogic SL76 as input keyboard connected directly through an USB cable, and a Steinberg UR22 mkII connected through an USB cable to deliver the audio output.

I am trying Pianoteq from Modartt, a VST3 plugin for Steinway piano.

When I use the app provided with the plugin, I have a very good response time when playing the keyboard (nice plugin btw).

When I use the plugin through GP - I have simply MIDI In connected to the SL76, going into the PianoPedal plugin, going into the Pianoteq VST3 plugin, going into Audio Out connected to the UR22 - there is some lag/delay when I press the key.

Is there something I can fix, or is it the price of going through GP rather running the plugin directly?

Thanks for your input.


How looks your audio options window in Gig Performer?

Thanks for asking the question, I am really newbee here! Going in Audio options, I realized that it was set to Windows Audio, rather than ASIO. I selected the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO, and it works better. The sample rate is 44100 Hz, the buffer size is 512 (11.6 ms). Is that OK or is there a way to improve by touching the buffer size?

Everything under 5ms is ok.
So try to use 256 samples buffer or even less.
But keep in mind, the less samples buffer you use the more cpu usage you get.


just experiment with the buffer size settings. You can´t brake anything.
When you get too small for the capabilities of your laptop, will audio crackles occour.
From there, go again higher up with the buffer size.

i can play Pianoteq loaded in GP4 with quasi NO Latency… Also using a studiologic SL…in my case the 88 keyboard.
its stupidly fast ! NEVER had any feel that GP would create any lag !
while the DAWs i have, do.

also to notes: not all audio interfaces have the same Latency vs. same Buffer settings

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