Larger 'NextSong' label, or OSC?

Hi, I’ve been using TouchOSC on a tablet to see faders, current song, next song, in live performance. I’m hoping to migrate over to just using AirPlay showing the main GP Setlist/performance (Panel) view.
The only problem is the ‘next song’ window in GP is very small and hard to read onstage on a Mac-mini sized tablet. Is there any way to adjust the size of that window… or alternately I’ve tried using a text label and using the OSC value ‘NextSong’ but that doesn’t seem to track… the value doesn’t update. That would also require adding that text label to every single song/panel so would be somewhat clumsy… resizing the resident ‘Next Song’ window would be ideal.
any advice greatly appreciated!


With this little Gig Script it is possible to detect the name of the next song:

On Song(oldSongIndex : integer, newSongIndex : integer)

So instead of Print(…) an OSC message could be generated and sent to a port Touch-OSC reacts on.

Are you on GP4?

GP does send out OSC messages for next and previous songs e.g.


Did you have TouchOSC set up for this specific address?

By the way the correct OSC Message is this

So no scripting necessary :wink:

With scripting you could send additional following song names

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Thanks all for your help! I did try ‘NextSongName’ as the OSC value in a text box in GP4 but it doesn’t show the info… using that same text string in my iPhone external control setup has always worked fine, so the problem I believe is in how I’m setting up TouchOSC on the same Mac mini that I’m running GP4 on.
I am assuming that in OSC setup I need to enter the ip address of the remote client to be the same ip as GP4, since they’re both on the same mac? And what about the port numbers?

Correction… I should have been clear that ‘in OSC setup’ I mean OSC setup in GP4.

The port numbers for send and receive must be different or you will end up with nasty infinite loops