Large Song Name extension -- any users/feedback?

Hi I received a response to my request for a larger Song/Next Song display, it’s a third-party extension shown at this webpage:
GitHub - gp-rank13/gp-selector: Rackspace and Song Selector Extension for Gig Performer

I just finished a series of gigs (YAY GP4, worked perfectly) and have 2 weeks before my next one, so am willing to try this extension now in the break. However I just thought it prudent to check here first, has anyone tried this extension? Any feedback? I would love to use it but will not do so if it’s not approved, or has any chance of affecting GP4’s stability and performance.
Can anyone comment on this extension, thanks!

I tried it and it worked well.
Feel free to try it and share your feedback with us.

You can always enable/disable it (or completely remove it).


Yes, works fine!


It will currently only support the display of a max of 100 songs/rackspaces and max of 20 variations/song parts for each song/rackspace.

This can be configured/changed in the code, but I can look into making it dynamic if there’s a lot of requests to support higher counts.


Thanks 100 songs and 20 variations is adequate for my needs.

I had to create the Extensions folder myself, GP4 didn’t have one in that location.
Then the usual Mac/security hurdles, got thru that.

It’s now working great!
I have a button on my upper keyboard turning it on and off.
I noticed I have to have both main GP4 window and the new ‘list’ window un-maximized (resizable) for them to toggle properly, but that’s a typical Mac thing.
Thanks for a very useful feature!



Is there in theory a way to have an extention like this display something other than the large song name in the right hand side?

I’d love to be able to put custom text (chords/lyrics) in place of the song name (keeping the songs/parts or rackspace/variations in the left hand side) and have an extention like this take the place of the current ‘chords/lyrics’ integration in GP.

Probably, if it was plain text. I expect there would be a lot more complexity if you wanted it formatted (“rich text”) or chordpro.

Second part would be where to store the text. The API doesn’t have access to everything in GP, so couldn’t access what’s in the lyrics/chords window. So unless you’re using the widget captions as a hack, I did work out how to access files, so it may be an option to store text in external text files.

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So all the chord pro files that GP currently references are external files and if these coudl be accessed (but first reformatted into plain text) then that could be a very elegant way to go.

I’ve been playing with the idea of redoing my chords/lyrics as text widgets but this has some obvious downsides… but it does solve the legibility and screen space issues.


Your extention seems like it has the possiblity of reading external files and therefor simplfying the UI but being independant of rackspaces.

An observation to share…

I think this selector is a great streamlined UI and I have tried it in combination with the existing lyrics/chords “editor” window but I should point out that the extention doesn’t respect the “keep on top” option of the Lyrics/Chords page. It sits above all if it’s the last window selected.

More to the crux of the biscut…

What I am really after (and have been since the first days of using GP) is a better integrated lyrics/chords page, starting with a dark mode visual approach (no white page) and fully integrated chordpro directives.

I think there is something to this extention which could be the way forward for this lyrics/chords aspect of GP which compared to other features, still feels like an afterthought.

@rank13 this widget you built with Open Stage Control… is that something you could share?