Kronos with GP

heading to a big gig tomorrow with just my minimac and Gig Performer file ready to go.

Theyre providing me with a korg Kronos 88.

Will it connect as a controller with no problem or will I have to install drivers etc? Will omni mode detect it via USB pretty easily?

Running a 2018 mac mini

As far as I remember, Kronos is not class compliant. Drivers for Korg stuff can be a headache. If I were you I’d get a USB to MIDI interface and just connect the Kronos by MIDI

Note also that by default their sliders don’t generate CC messages

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I have a radial key largo

So I could connect the Kronos via old school midi cable to key largo and key largo to mini Mac via usb correct?

I have no idea — I don’t know anything about key largo — it would have to be able to merge incoming MIDI messages from the Kronos into its USB connection.

Exactly, if you need to switch from keyboard controller to keyboard controller, it will be interesting for you @DaveSchulz to own a DIN5 to USB MIDI interface and a small control surface (Korg NanoKontrol or whatever) you know and can bring with you everywhere.

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This particular gig tomorrow needs only one controller, and the one they are providing me with is a Kronos 88. I hope the radial key largo works!

+1 for connecting Kronos using a MIDI cable.
See the tip No 2 in this article.

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