Kork nanoKontrol2 Fader 1 not working


Hey Everyone,

So this seems a little odd to me. I just received the nanoKONTROL2 today. Hooked it up to GP and everything seems to be working fine except for one specific piece of functionality. When I insert a fader into a rackspace, go to edit mode to ‘Learn’ the controller, when I move the first fader on the nanoKONTROL2 it doesn’t recognize it. All 8 knobs are able to be assigned, as well as faders 2-8, but not the first fader - very annoying. At the top right of the software the MIDI IN light does flash when I move the fader. Also, if I go to monitor midi activity, as soon as I move the fader I get TONS of midi info coming in. Any ideas?




It would be easier to help you if you would actually share with us what data was displayed in the midi monitor. Otherwise it’s just like going to the doctor and asking him to cure you without him being able to know your symptoms :sleepy:


I just looked briefly at the manual. It seems to have various DAW modes as well as a CC mode. You probably have it in a DAW mode so it’s sending DAW specific sysex messages.


Hey David,

Great guess, but I had actually tried changing the NK2 into various modes to see if it made a difference using the Korg software, but no luck. It actually had defaulted to CC mode.



Absolutely. I opened up the midi monitor window and took this screenshot. If there is something else that is more helpful, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to share!


Ah, that explains it perfectly. You cannot use CC 0 to control a widget because CC0 (often along with CC32) is used to select program banks and Gig Performer itself intercepts those particular numbers.


I would assume that you can use the korg editor to change that CC number to something else


Hey David, you nailed it! I’ve been re-acquainting myself with all this stuff after being away from it for a few years. As soon as you said that I had a SMH moment. :wink: I simply bumped the CC number up by one on all the faders in the NK2 Software and then rewrote the setup back to the NK2 and it worked immediately.

Again, can’t say thank you enough. I have a gig tomorrow and really wanted to have that first slider to control the volume of my primary instruments.

Have a great evening!



Well, looks like that little controller is very handy – just ordered one for myself


Korg provides a configuration tool for the nanoKontrol 2 so that you can assign CC # and MIDI channel for the controller.

This is a great little controller. If only it had MIDI channel switching capabilities


I got mine and out of the box all faders were generating CC messages so I didn’t have to do anything


…and fader 1 solo button doesn’t work either because it’s set to cc32 so it also has to be reassigned.


Someone should complain to Korg about that one. CC0 and CC32 are defined in the MIDI standard for bank switching and so should never really be available for “regular” use.


Yeah, I checked all the cc assignments on mine when I got it and changed anything that would cause a conflict.