Korg Nanokontrol 2 lights


In mainstage I could configure the nanokontrol lights to match the on screen buttons. This is very helpful when you want to just look at the nanokontrol instead of the screen to see button status. Is there a way to do this in gig performer?


Right now this has to be done using GP Script. However bidirectional MIDI control is on our list as a built-in feature.


Is there a timeline for when bidirectional MIDI is coming? I’m starting to setup my X-touch mini with GP and pretty much at a standstill because I don’t have bidirectional. Also hoping once bidirectional is added that I’ll be able to handle toggle on/off buttons with LED support.

Is this something added to the beta and if so can I request beta access?



With scripting you can implement bidirectional midi very easy.


@ToxMox (I’m afraid to ask what that means :slight_smile: )

We do have a beta program and in fact have been accepting applications for it recently as we get ready for the next major upgrade of Gig Performer. However, we don’t make the beta available just so users can get access to functionality early. We need our beta testers to participate significantly in the process, reporting how features work (and not just when things break, we also need to know from a statistically significant percentage of testers that something is working properly), be willing to help track down problems, find reproducible steps so that we can stomp out problems and so forth.

If that’s something in which you think you’d be interested in doing, feel free to apply through our application page which is https://gigperformer.com/beta.html



I’ve participated in many betas over the years and would be glad to help out with this :slight_smile:
I just filled out the beta application and look forward to maybe being invited in.