Korg Nano Kontrol 2 Led Display Problem

Hi, I tried to sync between Rackspace and my Lights on the Nano Kontrol 2 and it doesn’t work even when changing the setting of Led Mode to External. How can I make it work? ( I have Mac with the m1 chip )

Did you turn on sync under widget properties, MIDI?

Yes, the light is working but when I change Rackspace the light is not synced with the new Rackspace

When I change Rackspace it is working for the first time but then I change it again to a different Rackspace and it doesn’t sync

So both widgets in the respective rackspaces are mapped to the Korg nanokontrol button and both widgets have sync turned on?

What about the set value on rackspace activation option? If selected, is the value correct?

Lol, I tried it today after restarting my computer. now it is working. thank you :slight_smile: