Korg Legacy Cell failed to initiate -the latest version 1.5 now works!

Does anyone use Korg Legacy Cell in GP in Windows 10? For some reason, I just can’t get it to load in GP. I installed a different 64 bit VST host that I had purchased in the past, and it had no issue in loading the plugin. I think I had the same issue on my Macbook Pro. I might add that I deleted the plugins from the list and scanned them again. No difference

Hi Olive,
I just used the Korg MS-20, Poly6, MonoPoly, Wavestation and M1 yesterday without any problem!
You probably heard of the “new” licensing procedure from Korg, could that be an issue?
Have to admit, didn’t use the Legacy cell itself… Will give it a try tonight…

The same thing happens to me, I load all the Korg except this

I had the same issue before and after the Korg licensing procedure. Legacy Cell needs a few other plugins in the same folder as far as I know, and I have them all in the same folder. As I said in my earlier post, I can load it up in a different VST host. I have no desire to use that host, though. Nothing is going to replace GP.

Chris, you’re right!
I’ve used the Legacy Cell extensively when I was on Brainspawn’s Forte, but since they stopped I transfered to GP and have never used it since (and apparently haven’t missed it…). I noticed the same as Sergio…

I’ve gone through the Korg forums support site and have found some messages here and here stating it seems discontinued, but no official notice anywhere…I can’t believe it would actually be gone!!

As you stated earlier it works stand-alone and on my old Forte rig, but not in GP. Then I put the LC.dll file in all the vst maps on my C-drive, still without any luck. I’ve no idea why and how this is…

Anyone else got a clue?

Can you provide the exact steps you used? Does the plugin show up as disabled? Was GP full screen during the plugin scanning?

I highlighted and removed them from the list in Manage. I tried scanning both in full mode and out of it.

That was a good and simple question!
So, I took a look at which maps GP uses for the VST,and that turned out to be only one, so I included the rest.

First saw this message:

Then checked the disabled once and saw this:

That was interesting, finding both the same message!
Anyway, GP was not in full-screen.
I’ve put the VST.dll’s in the subsequent maps on my comp, scanned with GP those ones, and got the message you see at the pictures.

Has this topic been reviewed by GP ?

We have contacted Korg. That particular DLL is not returning information for validation which is why GP is marking it disabled. Why that’s happening, we have no idea but it’s not directly a GP issue as far as we can tell.

I’m really curious if Korg will respond. I noticed from the korg forums that they aren’t really active, especially relating legacy products.
Hopefully they have an easy solution

It is likely that Korg will respond to another software company. Besides, the Legacy Collection is not really a “legacy” product. Now they have a download app called Korg Pass. Like Native Access, it keeps track of all Korg apps and versions. I have updated all the apps including Legacy Cell, which is now v 1.4.3. It seems that many users have had similar issues with Legacy Cell over the years. I hope Korg will sort it out soon.

Here’s the first piece of feedback I received from the product support people at Korg — let me know how it goes please.

I would make sure that the PolySix, MS20 and MDEX are all updated to the Korg Collection version….if they are still running the old Korg Legacy version. The Legacy Cell requires the PolySix, MS20 and MDEX.

Please have them follow the steps in the video below to update the software to the new Korg Collection version.

Please also note they must be connected to the internet.

I’ve done the migration a few years ago. Just last week or so, I updated all the Korg apps using Korg Software Pass a download management app. https://id.korg.com/static_pages/3 Still the same issue.

Hi Chris,
I’m not having any luck with the Legacy Cell. The only way to get it working in GP is to bridge it with (eg) jBridge. Although the developers have noted that this makes GP unstable and/or crash, it’s the only way I know of using LC in GP…
Or, even better: manually building LC into a rackspace! Quite cool to do, I think. And every feature in LC can be put in to a rackspace, and more!

Hi Dick,
Still no luck for me, either. At least, now the Legacy Cell opens in my MBP. In the past I’ve done the same with jBridge for a different plugin that refused to load up, and it worked. David did look into my Windows machine once before. I’m still waiting.

Earlier today I received an email notice about Korg Collection 2 - a free update for those who have version 1. Now, the Legacy Cell loads in GP just fine. I might add in my Windows machines.