KORG leaks: New keyboard controller with poly AT / MIDI 2.0 and more!

Now this one seems to be really interesting:

  • poly Aftertouch
  • separate displays for each of the knobs
  • Midi 2.0
  • built in audio interface
  • lightweight
  • “real” pitch/mod wheels

…and all in all a reasonable price.
At the first glimpse, i like it much more than the new NI-keyboard with the huge display (and forced use of the Kontrol-software).

In another forum somene said that Yamaha also planned to release a new Montage and MIDI 2.0 controllers too… exciting times!


That would definitely pique my interest if they released a reasonably lightweight, but still weighted 88 note MIDI 2.0 controller as my “somewhat mature” Yamaha S90ES has the best feeling keybed from all the synths and controllers I own or have used.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this one for sure. Just had to switch back to my Nektar P6 after losing aftertouch on my Keylab Mkii and I’m in the market for something better

Very interesting, but unfortunately no faders. I had a NordElectro 5D for organ for a long time, but it is unusable as a controller keyboard because it lacks pitch bend and modulation wheel. I’m still looking for the perfect midi master keyboard. Preferably two so that I don’t have to transport it between the rehearsal room and home. There used to be a “Behringer Motör” that I could buy used, but it doesn’t seem to be in production anymore, so I can’t find a second one.

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Am I right in assuming that GP would have to have Midi 2.0 support added for it to work with the displays on this controller? Say if a controller is mapped to a widget on the current panel?

The lack of pitch bend and mod wheel pushed me to the Yamaha YC61. I’m now using it as a controller/sound engine in my rig. (on top of my Keylab 88 which I use to play piano based patches - including those in the YC).

Yes you are right, the Yamaha YC61 is a great keyboard, I’ve often thought about it. But since I really want to have two of the same keyboards for the rehearsal room and at home, it’s just too expensive.


Not cheap, but only 7kgs and you can wear the case like a backpack… maybe you just need one? :slight_smile: I get it though…

It’s not just the weight, it’s mainly the transportation. If the weather is good, I can ride my bike to the rehearsal room. Then I can drink a beer or two… some say, I play better solos then. :wink: :grinning:


Korg new thing is really nice, because it has polyphonic aftertouch (license from ASM Hydrasynth) and an audio board inside. Nearly all that I need, I will surely take a close look.
If only it had 9 faders…
Let’s hope new Yamaha controller will really come true, with enough faders and other way to control (pots, switches, displays).
I read no answer about Midi-2 and GigPerformer. I guess our guys are thinking at it…

The new “Keystage” controller has been officially announced now!

Should be available in late December from thomann.de (according to gearnews.de)… i guess, this device is something i will actually try!

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Yes. Good test here

I am seriously thinking to purchase that thing…
And I am wondering… What if GigPerformer could be Midi2.0 compatible getting automatically most used parameters of every plugin?
Is this the future?

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That looks nice!

However, still seems some functionality missing, but guess it is V1 of using a new tech. And the use of pots rather than endless encoders with a light ring seems an odd choice

If the Devs bring MIDI-CI to widgets, could be a fantastic USP for GP - would mean any softsynth could be mapped to the controls and oleds on a controller, without the softsynth having to be updated to support MIDI-CI.

What do you mean with MIDI CI?
Currently that Korg controller can be used as midi vanilla (programming control change linked to a widget like usual).
If GigPerformer will be Midi2 compliant we could think at automatic parameter passing to widgets (pots driving and control display without making any setup). But I guess we will have this feature only in the future with full Midi2 compliance.

Ouch! :thinking: :grimacing:
Not good…

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MIDI-CI (MIDI Capability Inquiry) is a protocol within MIDI 2.0 which allows the keyboard to interrogate the softsynth to find the parameter names / values to display on the keyboard display.

If GP supported this, then the names of widgets and their values could be displayed on the keyboard OLEDS for each rackspace for example. In turn, that would make it easy to display the parameters that matter to the performer, rather than hunting through banks and banks of parameters on the keyboard UI. As the widget would be doing the work of reporting the parameter name & value, it could effectively make any softsynth MIDI-CI compatible, regardless of whether MIDI-CI was supported natively by the softsynth.

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Yes. This is what I mentioned would be nice. But we must wait GigPerformer to be Midi2 compliant

That is a huge disappointment. Hopefully some more come out on the market now that ASM seems to be licensing their poly aftertouch keybeds.

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