Korg Kronos volume pedal

I need some help getting my volume pedal to work with GP.


In other words, please read through the tips and documentation provided in the link by @dhj. Your request is so generic it’s unanswerable. I’ve copied a few of the more salient points from the link, but you have to do your due diligence to make it possible for others to assist you.

"If you couldn’t find a solution for your problem and you’d like to ask the community for support,
please answer the questions below as completely as possible, since this will make it easier for us to help you as quickly as possible.

  1. OS and version: What computer do you use, a PC or a Mac?
    What operating system and what version?
  2. Computer hardware: Share with us your hardware specification (RAM, CPU, HDD/SSD, etc.).
  3. Gig Performer version: What version of Gig Performer do you use? Did you download it from Gig Performer website or did you install a Plugin Alliance edition (if so is it the Unlocked edition)?
  4. Plugins involved: If your issue is caused by a plugin, please tell us the plugin’s name and the exact version.
  5. Audio- and MIDI hardware: If you have trouble with your audio interface or your MIDI controller hardware, please tell us the manufacturer, the model, and other useful information (e.g. firmware version, how is it connected to your computer, do you use a USB hub)
  6. Your actual aim: Please tell us the “whole story” - don’t leave out parts you may think are not important. Please describe us the whole process, e.g. how your widgets and plugins are organized so we can suggest you the best practices with the rackspaces/variations design, Widget mapping and other areas in Gig Performer.
  7. What have you tried so far: Describe what you have done so far to try to solve the problem you are having.
  8. Upload your files: If necessary, upload your rackspace or even the whole gig file but be prepared to make it as simple as possible, e.g., the least number of plugins necessary, the least number of rackspaces needed to reproduce the problem.
    9.(New users only have restricted access to the upload functionality of the forum - if there is an issue with that, contact an admin or a moderator so we can help you)*
  9. Screenshots: Make screenshots if it helps to clarify the situation (e.g. the Plugin Manager or the Rig Manager windows).
    Find out more about creating screenshots here: https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/
  10. The netiquette: Please - be friendly and patient - we are users and volunteers.
    Rudeness won’t help solving any problem!
  11. Internationality: Be aware of the fact that not all of our users (including myself) are English native speakers, since many people worldwide use Gig Performer. So please tolerate possibly bad English. We are all trying our best here."