Korg Kronos - External Control Setups

Hello All,

New GP4.5 user here. Running it on an old Late 2012 Mac Mini Headless into a focusrite 2i8. So far so good.

I am using a Kronos to control it and the Kronos has external setup options where I can use the 8 knobs, 8 buttons (there are really 16) and 9 Faders for use by GP (along with mod wheel, side buttons, etc.). So my plan to integrate the K to GP is to use two buttons each for “next/prev song part” and “next/prev Song”. I set up the K in rig manager, it all seemed to setup well. My specific issue is that the Kronos has lit buttons that toggle “on” and “off”. The system action for GP seems to wait to hear “light the light”, not just “button is pressed”. The result is the need to push each button twice to get the next song part fired.

Is there some way (that apparently I cannot decipher) to have GP just respond to the button being pushed, regardless of light status? I have tried every option I can think of for MIDI and Value pages on the widget properties section (sync, etc.) and cannot get them to do just allow single press momentary advancement.

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.

How looks the global MIDI monitor when you press the push button on the Kronos?
And how looks your Global MIDI Options Window and the Rig manager Window?

Heya PianoPaul, thanks for the quick input. So midi monitor set in rack space returns no data for those buttons (although key presses do). I’m using rig manager so they must be getting grabbed globally. GlobalMIdi manager returns: CC 27 : 127 Channel 1 then CC 27 : 0 Channel 1. So that clears that up as to why I need the double press. Any tips on how to tell GP to advance on either movement.?

Wait, I think I got it… I set the value curve to an inverted bell and I got the result I needed. So cool.