Korg Crashes

Hi All,

So this keeps happening on all PCs I have GP installed on…
Either the Korg Wavestation, MS-20, or Mono Poly will show up on a crash report AFTER I close GP. It never occurs while I am working within GP. They always function properly when GP is open.

My workaround has been to install the 32 bit version, and jBridge them in (never had an issue using them that way), but I am trying to eliminate as many jBridges as I can.

These crashes have occured in v 21H1 (here in this ZIP), as well as an older version, 20H1.
I am not a programmer…but my thought is that these plugins (it’s only 1 at time…never multiple) aren’t shutting down, and that is generating a GP crash report. Is that possible?

Thoughts welcomed…
7fa29815-0c07-46d6-8b79-b0bddbb64386.zip (27.8 KB)

Yes, according to that crash report, it’s your Korg MonoPoly plugin that is crashing — you should report this to Korg

C:\Program Files\Common Files\KORG\Collection\MonoPoly.dll

By the way, I’ve seen those plugins crash on my Mac as well, with several DAWs. I just stopped using those plugins.

Yes, I tried it with the following DAWs or VST hosts on two Windows10 machines:
Steinberg Cubase 10.5
Unify 1.5

With all of them it is the same:
If more than one instance of MonoPoly is loaded, the host software crashes as soon as an attempt is made to close the last instance that is still open. (So, for example, if three instances are open, any two of them can be closed without problems, but the host software crashes on the last one).
It does not matter in which way this happens. For example, by manually deleting the instrument tracks or deleting the plug-in blocks, or by closing or deactivating the project or Rackspace, or by closing the host software.

I have also tested the other KORG VST2 products (TRITON, Arp Odyssey, MS-20, Polysix, M1, Wavestation, MDE-X) for this. Only MonoPoly is affected.


Thank you @dhj and @LeeHarvey

I was hoping that it was the issue that Markus describes.
So it seems like I can choose from the lesser of 2 evils: bridge the 32 bit versions and eliminate the closure problems, or keep the 64 bit ones in the GIG file and just X out of the crash report when finished.

I seem to have a “round robin” with the crashes…sometimes it’s the Mono Poly, sometimes it’s the MS20, sometimes it’s the Wavestation. Although it likely could be all, but GP is crashing upon whichever of the 3 plugins reaches it’s last “closure” first.

Appreciate the input. Moving on…


Have you reported this issue to Korg?

I will…hopefully others will join suit.
Otherwise, I am just one small voice in the choir.

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I will as well.


I’ll see if I can reproduce on both PC and MAC and report to Korg as well.