KORG collection 3

KORG just updated the KORG collection.

Nearly all instruments got updated. If you are already on collection 2 you get the Triton Extreme as a new instrument. If you upgrade to collection 3 you’ll get the Prophecy and the miniKORG 700S as new devices.

I have not upgraded so far, and I’m slightly disappointed: the updated Triton still does not provide PCG load/save or at least import. This is a real limitation!

First reaction from support was the same as over the last year “we are thinking about this feature, but can not commit any dates for release”…


I own some separate plugins of the collection but not the whole package, so i will have to see what actually will be updated and what not.
Unfortunately there never seems to be an attractive offer to upgrade from single instruments to the collection pack, and i don’t see why i should pay the full price for a package of which i already own a “good third” of the containing instruments (M1, Wavestation, Triton).

Currently there are special upgrade offers until Aug. 12 - check your KORG.id!

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Thanks, i will have closer look over the weekend. :+1:

Does the Korg collection, unlike Roland plugins, work without an Internet connection?

Hm, I had no problems so far. I don’t have internet in my rehearsal room or on stage.

Edit: there’s also an offline activation option available - so the correct answer should be: yes, it works without internet connection :wink:


Yes, no problems there.
And if I recall correctly, those aren’t CPU-hogs either.

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Here the same: no problems so far with the Korg collection.

I have also updated to the Korg Collection 3.
Actually, I am also satisfied with the Korg VSTis. Except for two points:

  1. MonoPoly: The following bug is unfortunately still not fixed:

  2. Triton and Triton Extrem: Realtime Controls are reset:
    If you change the sound with the 4 Realtime Control knobs (assigned to “Assignable Knob x”), the changes are discarded when you bypass (and rebypass) the plugin, change the rackspace or save and reload the gigfile. Only visually the four knobs remain on the changed state.

Maybe someone who has a good contact with Korg, can report these two bugs.

(Windows10, VST2)

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So I was looking for a good general purpose Rompler VST to replace my hardware Roland Fantom X7. Would the Triton from this collection give me general good rompler brass and strings in particular with quick loads, low CPU usage, etc…?

Given that the Triton VSTi alone costs $249 and the whole collection is $399, I’d probably just buy the whole thing. What are the other brightest bits from this collection?


I own the Triton (Extreme) which is not bad at all for all the bread & butter sounds, and then, for nostalgic reasons, the M1 and the Wavestation since i once owned them as heavy duty hardware devices…


@schamass ,

How is the memory footprint, load time and cpu usage for the Triton?


I would say the requirements are quite moderate… though it takes about five seconds to initially load, the sound switching happens almost instantly and i managed to stress the CPU meter actually to climb up to 14% when i pressed half a meter of keys with both hands at once to produce a cacophony on a heavy pad sound… :smiley:

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I absolutely like the MonoPoly, the PolySix, M1(sic), MS-20 and Arp Odyssey :slight_smile:

If you can wait: there are promotions, I think twice a year, where you can save a lot of money. Just watch FB or the Korg homepage


@tripleB ,

I needed to move forward and I have tax write-offs to attend to… so I simply pulled the trigger. LOVING the Triton VSTi!

I’ll have to play with the others later. If only Korg would release a DW-8000 VSTi, my life might be complete.


When you like DW 8000, try this VST:



If only they would release a Triton Rack VST, with the hardware’s sampling capabilities and the MOSS DSP expansion board, now that would be impressive.


Most of the Fullbucket KORG instruments are on a very high level! In the beginnning I was struggling with the UI, but since the releases of the Metal versions for macOS, these issues have gone.

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@SirTommes , I would have to say I am thoroughly enjoying the fb7999 and am using it on four songs in our sets these days. Thanks so much for turning me on to this beast!


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You’re welcome!

On full bucket music is a new VST: Poly Ensemble CS (inspired from KORG PE-2000 Poly-Ensemble S).

full bucket music