Kontakt5 Standalone To VST Mode


I am new to GP and software in general. I have Kontakt5 in my computer and found, in my program files under NI, a VSTplugin 64bit folder. It lists 8 out dl, 16 out dl, and just Kontakt 5 dl. I would like to know how to get it in GP.
Unfortunately, NI support is too hard to get to get an answer…


In GP try going to “WIndows”…“Plugin manager”. At the bottom of that page is a “Scan” option that gives you some choices there.


Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I browsed to the file and accidently hit delete. Now I have to figure out how to get the folder back from my library disks.



Once you get everything back, we have a KB article on how to configure the plugin scanner to find your plugins. See this link.



Thank for the link. Once I get the VST folder back, and direct GP to it, will that be enough to use Kontact5, Or upgrade to 6 and not have any limitations


Not sure what you mean by limitations – I tour with Kontakt 5, I have not upgraded to Kontakt 6 yet.


They told me that Kontakt6 has all the glorious instruments, and that 5 has some limitations on compatibility, ya da ya da. I have gotten the three dl’s in GP now. Kontakt 8 out, Kontakt 16 out, and Kontakt 5, I guess because I upgraded to 5 years ago. I have been spending so much time trying to get VST to GP that I have not yet read on how to load it. Thanks again for trying to help this old war horse.


Kontakt6 presumably has more instruments and some new features - but I haven’t noticed anything that made me want to upgrade. Kontakt5 works great with Gig Performer, it’s one of my personal go-to plugins when I tour.


I sure would rather take your word for, ha, since you tour with it. Did you see I found those VST .dl’s? in GP? How do I load Kontakt?

I will be out for the evening, thanks.


There are numerous getting-started tutorials in our user-guide. See


FWIW, the Kontakt5.dll plugin has 64 outputs vs. the 8 or 16 of the other two versions, but I never noticed any performance difference. It’s the only version I use. And I use it a lot. I keep a shortcut to the standalone version on my desktop for easy access.

Too bad you couldn’t just recover the folder from the Trash/Recycle bin.


I found the Kontakt4 library 43 gb in Public Documents. I have no idea why they are there and not in C: NI folder. None of the files are vst however.


You might want to just reinstall your NI plugins using the standard NI Native Access app.

Make sure you are using 64-bit DLLs — GP will not work with 32-bit DLLs and while wrappers like jBridge might work, those things tend to be a bit flaky so we can’t officially support such wrappers.


Thanks, my next coarse of action