Kontakt Widget for Solo or Mute

I am just now starting to dig into Kontakt 6.2 with GP. I want to stack multiple instruments within a single Kontakt plugin and activate or deactivate each instrument using GP front-panel widget controls. Since some of the instruments will be sharing the same MIDI channel, I am hoping there is a way to mute or solo instruments through a widget. However, I don’t see any parameters for the Kontakt solo and mute buttons. There are a ton of numbered parameters, but I don’t know how to map them to an unnamed control parameter, like solo or mute.

My Structure2 sampler plugin has widget parameters that allow me to solo or mute any instrument slot, so I am hoping that Kontakt provides similar functionality.

It is easy with a widget mapped to for example Channel1Output of the MidiInPlugin connected to your Kontakt.
With this widget you can change the Midi Channel which sends notes to Kontakt.
In Kontakt include your instruments and give each instrument a different Midi Channel.


@pianopaul has a viable option. Another option would be to use a GP mixer and mapping your widgets to mute on the mixer channels. I’ve used this approach previously.


Your solution avoids hanging notes and you have to use multi output in Kontakt.

You can try this:

Widget to change programs/bank in Kontakt?

Thank you, everyone. Each of the solutions offered will work and has merit.