Kontakt long samples randomly cut off, at the worst time

I’ve had an issue for sometime that is perplexing me as to the cause. I sometimes trigger a sample in Kontakt as an intro, or a bridge section (maybe 10-15 seconds in length). Once is a great while, (maybe once every two or three months) the sample will play, then cut off, mid sample.

The sample is set to “one shot”. I was able to record the midi stream once when it happened, and no midi data was being sent from my controller when it happened.

It is something I cannot reproduce on demand. But it seems to happen during shows, which really is not good!

It happened when I had Kontakt 5, and now Kontakt 6.

Anyone else have this happen?

Any ideas what is going on?

I am using Kontakt with long samples - about 1 Minute - for Shine on you Crazy Diamond
and never faced such an issue.

I didn’t think it was Kontakt, since I used both versions. But with no midi data instructing it to cut off, didn’t know if it could have been the host program.
Thought I’d post here to see if anyone else had it happen.
Really frustrating that I can’t reproduce it on demand. I’m looking at other basic samplers for the one shots as an alternative.

Battery 4

I use GP’s Audio File Player for one-shot intros.
Always plays the sample file to the very end without fail!
The only time I use Kontakt is when I need to loop a sample for an undetermined length of time, keeping my finger on the key, then release it (and yes, sometimes it cuts off quickly for me too).

Apparently, this is a known issue. For example,


Yes that is a valid solution.
But when you need velocity then you have to use a Sampler.