Kontakt files don't load


So I probably did something wrong again, but in my gig file (my first ever), several - but not all - rackspaces/songs have empty Kontakt instances. The plug is there, but the file hasn’t loaded. When I have several Kontakt instances in a rackspace some have loaded and others haven’t.

My workflow has been as below:

Create a rackspace with variations - export it.
Create a song with the realated rackspace . export it.
Create a gig - import the songs.

Why won’t some Kontakt files load? I’m of course certain they were there when I exported the rackspace.

I work mainly with Kontakt and Omnisphere. Latest GP 3.2.7
I have an i7 with SSD but only 8GB RAM


For my understanding:
You have a gig with Kontakt and everythins is fine.
Then you exported some rackspaces, created a new gig, imported the rackspaces and now some Kontakt instances are empty?
Or does it only happen when you import a song.
All on the same machine?


Yes, correct, and all on the same machine.
I don’t know yet if it only happens when I import a song. Will check that when I get off work.

I’ll be back!

Thanks so far!


Seems random… Could it be shortage of RAM?


That should be easy to see in your activity monitor, but seems unlikely to happen without any other misgivings.

Kontakt seems to be updated - try to update it and see if they maybe fixed the issue if there was one in Kontakt itself.

If it is still happening we would really need a reliable way to reproduce this. Many people use Kontakt including myself and I’ve never seen it not load it’s state silently if you did not change anything else.