Kontakt and Air Xpand amnesia, M1 updates?

I’m just wondering if there is any new news, workarounds or advice on the problems with Kontakt and Xpand on the new mac M1 chip. I’ve posted on this before but it’s been a few months, hoping for any new news on this front.
Both of these plug ins do not ‘remember’ the presets I build in GP4, every time I want to play a Rackspace, I have to import it, then delete it and load the next one. If I close GP4 with any rackspaces saved, or a Songlist built, or power down my Mac, when I reopen GP4 all Kontakt and Air Xpand! patches are empty and those rackspaces need to be imported again, every time.

I know Kontakt and Xpand! both state that they aren’t yet fully M1 compatible, but I’m just wondering if anyone else had come across this, is it something I just have to wait for, or is there (hopefully) something I’m doing wrong, would love to get my Setlists back!

When you load a gig, how are the sounds loaded.
Are they Ok?
Remember, Gig Performer does not recall presets of the plugin but does load the state.

I have problems with Xpand (no effects), but no issues with Kontakt

When you load a gig, how are the sounds loaded.
Are they Ok?
Remember, Gig Performer does not recall presets of the plugin but does load the state.

That’s the issue, if I load a gig that contains any Rackspace with any Kontakt or Xpand! patches/tones/presets/presets, whatever you prefer to call them, that instance/container of Konakt or Xpand! is showing on the wiring page there but it’s empty.
It doesn’t recall the GP User preset that I built. I have to then go back and re-import that Rackspace for Kontakt or Xpand! to populate it’s instance with the actual sounds that I programmed and saved. I’m hoping that this actually isn’t an M1 issue but instead something I’m missing in my programming… however I’m doing everything exactly the way I always did on my older pre-M1 Mac Mini so I fear it may be related to how GP4 ‘fetches’ Rackspaces and some weird anomaly with the Mac M1…

Is it possibly a permissions issue?

Would be great if that’s it, any advice how I check that out?

I just got the tutorial online and checked, all permissions look fine for GP4, Kontakt Xpand! Etc.

First of all, are you running GP native or under Rosetta? Are you running AU or VST Kontakt?

There’s nothing magic about those user presets. If they’re not getting loaded, then something outside Gig Performer is getting in the way.

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Thanks for your response. Running GP native, using AU only. I read that VST is not preferred when using Mac M1. I did try VST and did have the same issue with that.


Are your AUs Intel or native?

sorry I don’t know that answer, but for example one of the main ones is Alicia Keys, the others are all Kontakt Library AU’s that came with Kontakt full.


One more detailed example:
I run Alicia Keys AU in my Global Rackspace since I have piano in at least 50% of my tunes.
Every time I now open any gig, the Global Rackspace has Kontakt there in it in the wiring view, but when I select Kontakt it’s empty, there is no nki or nkm loaded,. It shows the libraries on the browser window to the left left but there’s nothing in the main instrument.
If I then go and import my Global Rackspace which I’ve saved, the piano .nki is there, every parameter I’ve tweaked is correct, all is well. So I re-save the Gig, re-save the GP user preset, re-export the Global Rackspace, etc
If I then close GP4 and reopen it or reboot my Mac, and reload any Gig, the Global Rackspace Kontakt player is empty again. Have to re-import the Global Rackspace again.

This happens in every Rackspace with every Kontakt instance and every instrument (nkil) or multi (nkm), but I use the Global Rackspace here just as an example

Please find out - that’s critical information.

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Thanks I will do so.


With some great advice from someone who knows Macs a lot better than I do, I found out that my file hierarchy was the problem, due to using iCloud and file location issues. The problem had nothing to do with GP4 or using the new M1 chip after all. There are some other small issues with the M1 (some plug-ins compatibility) but file management is not one of them. And GP4 was working perfectly well, it just wasn’t being directed properly to where the files lived. My bad.

I hope I get this correct, please add/correct if necessary but here’s what I think I learned:
The takeaway is, and what I learned was all GP4 files and only GP4 files should be in GP4’s home folders. GP4 sets up, manages and maintains those folders for you. (favorites, snapshots, etc)
And your own rackspace exports, gigs, etc. should ALL in the same well-labelled location in your own personal documents folder. Don’t use more than 1 location for any type of GP4 rackspace or gig files.
Also don’t use iCloud for GP4 storage, it’s handy for general duty, daily personal stuff (pictures, emails, etc) but Time Machine and an external drive is a better tool for backups. I’m going back to that.

And I have to say again having learned more about GP4 in this whole thing that I’m all the more impressed with how well it works. I was always a big fan of the GUI in GP4 but have now also had proof of how robust and dependable it is. Great app!