Kontakt 5 with Gig Performer

I just installed Kontakt 5 on my MacMini M1 and it works fine in standalone mode. When I open Kontakt 5 in GP4 and load a sound into Kontakt 5 a small blank white screen appears. The sound plays normally but you can’t edit the sound nor can you exit GP4 without force quitting. I figure this is a Kontakt issue but was curious if anyone else has had this problem. Thanks!

Maybe you have to use Rosetta.

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I was surprised that Kontakt 5 actually works on my MacMini M1 and in standalone mode it’s working quite well. I’ll try using Rosetta and see if that solves that issue and let you know if that works

First of all, if you were using Kontakt 5 standalone on an M1, it most certainly was running under Rosetta already.

However, please see the following blog article on this topic


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Using Rosetta solved the issue. Thanks pianopaul and dhj!

Currently all Native Instruments and Arturia plugins are not M1 native yet, so they need Rosetta2 layer to work properly. I am using this way Kontakt6 (last version) and it works well