Komplete Kontrol or Kontakt Player with Gig Performer?

I have created a gig with many rackspaces that use Native Instruments libraries. I use the S-88 Native Instruments keyboard as my controller with Gig Perfomer.

At the time I setup my rackspaces I was confused over whether I should use Komplete Kontrol or the Kontakt player VST plugin. My rackspaces are currently using the Komplete Kontrol VST plugin.

I’m thinking I should have used the Kontakt player instead since I don’t think I am using any functions that require Komplete Kontrol. Should I take the time to adjust all my rackspaces to use the Kontakt player instead?

Is there anything detrimental about having the Komplete Kontrol plugin in several rackspaces that would necessitate moving to the Kontakt player?

So far I’ve experienced no problems with my gig or rackspaces. As the gig loads I can see the NI keyboard screen updating several times as the rackspaces load, but that’s it. After the gig loads I switch the S-88 controller to MIDI mode.


If it works for you …

Personally, I just use Kontakt and the other NI plugins directly (Reaktor, Absynth, FM8, etc) but I’m sure others use the Komplete Kontrol

I use Kontrol at home with a native keyboard just to choose sounds and effects. When I fix the patch, I save it in the instrument and then I use GigPerformer with that instrument.
This way I am not using live something that on stage has no meaning (for me).
Less software layers, more safety.

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