Keyswitch to specific rackspaces

OK, so I want to switch to a rackspace #1 using a key, let’s say C5, on my keyboard. Then I want rackspace #2 to be at D5, etc. etc.

So far, I’ve tried creating widget buttons in Global Rackspace, then assigned them to a System Actions block (in the Global RS wiring view), which I’ve then set to Program Change. But from there, I’m at a loss. Can’t get it to work, and I don’t even know if I’m on the right track.

I managed to get the keys to switch to “next” and “previous” rackspace, but that’s clumsy. Going straight to the specific rackspace is so much cooler and seamless.

Anyone? Do I have to do some fancy scripting, or what?

Are you on Mac?
You could uses MIDIPIPE to translate note on messages to pc messages and send them to gig performer
Or you use a script to catch the note on messages und use a GP inbuilt GP script function to sel3ct the desired rackspace.

On a Mac, yes. The MIDIPIPE thing sounds interesting. How do I send the PC messages to Gig Performer? Sorry, I’m a total Noob, straight out of Mainstage…

What type of controller keyboard are you using?

Nord Stage 2 EX


The Nord Stage has a whopoing amount of buttons, but only a very few are assignable…

Gig Performer Options Global Midi you have to check the Accept Program Changes from selected Devices Only , checking the box of the midi port GP sees and this would allow the PC message to change a Rackspace variation that is associated with a PC number , right click a rack space variation and slide the option assign a permanent program change number PC# …

The midi pipe side of things is less straight forward , you would add these devices from the left side of a midi pipe , in my case
Midi in (the midi input of the device you are sending , Nord Stage in your case )
transpose ( if I am correct you will send a note number to midi pipe , midi note of your choosing )
message converter ( midi pipe will produce a PC message relating to the midi note number of your choosing )
the transpose function will let you change what the PC message would be numerically depending on what your midi note name is , get your mind around that , that’s the hard part , if you understand that proceed
midi out ( in my case that would be a midi pipe output 1 )
Alist (that would be a window you could see the output of what will head over to GP from midipipe , a way of ensuring you get the transpose number right all depending what is your target PC# , not easy to wrap your mind around but once you can you are well on your way . Midi Pipe is super simple and stable , just understanding the modules and what they can do is a challenge for a noob , but well worth it as down the road it will prove valuable if this is the sort of thing that floats your boat .

Trial and error is your friend , use command M in GP to see the midi input of your connected devices , decide which you want to use for what purposes you desire. there are many ways to skin a cat they say , midi pipe is a useful too and lives in it’s own world , you’ll need to open it and load the pipes your create so save the pipes and also realize you can have many pipes open at once , they can be nested into that one app , no limit to your piping , get it piping hot and serve it up !

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This example (convert note to program change) may also be a solution: Midi controller: Changing rackspaces using buttons/pads - #53 by rank13

Hi again! Solved it another way, which suited me really fine:
-Made a song and entered all my patches as song parts, each with the desired rackspace assigned
-Put a System Actions block in Global Rackspace, then made as many widget buttons as I needed, each assigned to a “SelectPartOrVar” number
-Assigned the row of buttons to the “note on” message of my seven successive keys
-Play the gig in “Setlists” view

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