Keysplits and Layers with Song Part Widgets

I am still struggling to understand what widgets will remember for each song part.

I am trying to get the most I can out of a wireless 3 octave Keytar playing Kontakt 5 and Xpand2 VST instruments in a Windows 10 laptop.

I am trying to optimize GP as much as possible by only using 1 Rack,

I have Bypass Widgets for K5 & X2 along with Ch1 & Ch2 inputs widgets to control Bypass, Octave and Keysplits in the lower panel. And Volumes for the X2 midi inputs.

This allows me to route the 2 midi channels from the Keytar to any Instrument Split/Layer combination I choose.

See the Screenshot for reference.

The problem is knowing if I need a separate “saved” Variation for each Song Part - or if that is not required?

If I try and control multiple Song Parts from One Variation - the widgets forget their values “set” with the “Snapshot” feature on Song Parts.

In what does this “optimize” GP ?

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You are really not optimizing anything by using one rackspace. Furthermore - you can’t use things like patch persist etc…

I’m sorry for the confusing nature of my question - which should have only been - do I need a separate “saved” Variation for each Song and Song Part?

A Song Part always references a rackspace variation.

I believe having a separate variation for each saved configuration you want to associate with a song part is the best way to do what you’re trying to do.

You can have many song parts all reference the same variation. e.g., if you use just a plain piano / bass keyboard split in a dozen songs you don’t need to create a different variation for each of them. Each of those songparts could reference that same variation. But if you want to tweak each one individually, then I believe you’re better off with separate variations.

Honestly, “snapshot” is one of those things that I spent 15 minutes looking at and playing around with and I finally said “now I get it” and realized it didn’t apply to what I wanted to do. I’ve long since forgotten the details, but my recollection is that it isn’t meant to do what you want. e.g., it’s not simply a different way to create a variation for a song part.


Thank You!

Here you could make use of the “Capture Variation” button (#4 in the illustration).

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Yes capture works fine, but only for widgets where “Ignore Variations” is not checked.