Keys of the 70's preset switching sound

When switching presets in the Keys Of the 70’s plugin, I get a loud obnoxious sound while it is changing presets. I think this only happens if the preset switching starts before a note off is received. This happens sometimes and its the only plugin that does this for me. Is there any way to combat that with some setting I’m missing or is scripting the only way?

I’m thinking to bypass the plugin ONLY during value change of the widget that sends the PC then immediately un-bypassing it? Using the SetPluginBypassed script, is it possible to set a timer for only couple seconds? What would that look like? Thanks!

How are you switching presets?

I assume you’re talking about the “Keys of the 70’s” from the community sharing page? If so, I can hear what you’re talking about. It seems to relate to the switching of the effects on the Live Pedalboard in the Global rackspace while there is any note being played (or sustained). If the effects are bypassed it doesn’t have the “click”.

EDIT: Also, it seems to be mostly related to the Digital Reverb and the Delay switches. Ironically, this seems to have been a problem with the original stomp boxes. :crazy_face:

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So in other words, the plugin re-creates the same behavior of the hardware. Sounds like a feature…



I switch with gp presets, but it doesn’t matter. Even if I click on the drop down arrow in the plugin itself and switch presets “manually” it does the same thing.

Yes, that plugin. It’s not a “click” though. It’s a long, loud nasty “buzz”.