Keyboard vanished from GP3

Hey guy,

something weird happened, i use two keyboards (Arturia Keylab and a Roland MKB-300) and for an unknown reason i can’t find the MKB0-300, while it’s connected and i can play the sounds with it.
Any idea what happend?

Thanks in advance.


Where do you not see it?
Are you on Mac?

I am on Windows, when i click the right button i cannot see the MKB anymore.

When you open the options window, what do you see?

When you click where? What exactly do you expect to be seeing and where?

I don’t understand what it means to just “not see the MKB”.

Do you have a screen shot?

Yep, here it is.
The Arturia is connected via USB to pc and midi out to midi in MKB. MKB midi out to midi in UM-1.
And since a couple of days MKB-300 isn’t vincible in this window, but also not vincible in the options window.

Ah, that helps.
However, I"m not sure I understand — if your MKB is connected using an old fashioned MIDI DIN cable, then it must be connected to some other device that is connected to your computer via USB.

If that other device is the UM-1, then that is what you will see in your MIDI Inputs menu.

That is correct but a while ago, the MKB-300 was shown. That is what is strange, it is not vincible.

At this time it was perhaps connected via USB so that its name was identified (and eventually MIDI DIN at the same time).

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Sorry @David-san it seems Roland MKB-300 does NOT have USB…

Than absolutely no chance the MKB-300 was shown under this name. But of course it is possible to rename the MIDI in block corresponding to this controller with its name.

I suppose even if the name is not displayed it works fine, right? (the question is for @Nielswil68 of course)

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There is no way for Gig Performer to know the name of that controller if it is connected via old-style MIDI port since we don’t currently do MIDI device identification (and I think that controller is too old to support device identification). If it really was showing that name, then you must have set that name explicitly, either in some MIDI device manager that your computer supports or perhaps via Gig Performer’s Rig Manager.

To be honest i can’t recall if i put the name in my self or or because the hard drive i had where i put most of my vst’s in was working properly :disappointed_relieved:. And now i have my forth hard drive which is ok (the other ones were tested and all had problems coming from the factory!!!) :flushed: i was surprised that i couldn’t see the MKB mentioned in GP3.
So it might be the case that it never was shown and i opened this for nothing. :smirk:

It is never for nothing, discussion between GP users are always useful I think :wink:

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