Keeping setlist in sync across instances

Hi! Is there a way to keep songs/setlists in sync across two instances? I’m using Open Stage Control to send out OSC messages that simultaneously switch multiple instances at once, but when I add/remove parts, I have to do it separately on every instance and it’s a bit of a pain in the ass.

I do not understand, please explain in detail what you are doing.

So I have 3 instances running


I have a Datalooper pedal that steps through song parts and triggers stuff in Ableton Live.
Let’s say I have a song called Vince’s Tune, that has the parts Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Verse,
my pedal will talk to every instance, and simultaneously change the parts of the song, so my keyboard lights up with a rhodes, the guitar turns a distortion pedal on, and the bass mutes. This all works great, but as of right now, any time I want to add a new song, or parts to a song, I have to go into each instance, and click ‘create new song part’, then title the song part. This gets annoying and redundant.

What I would like to do is set one instance as the master song list keeper, and have any setlist changes reflected on the children instances, then I can go in and pick rackspaces, but not have to write out all the parts of the song multiple times.

Sorry, I think that is not possible.
When you add a Song for your Keyboard Gig File, what should be done automatically in the Gig Files for Guitar and Bass?
You need different plugins, widgets, etc…

As this is not possible, you would have to rethink your approach.

For example:

  • Only use Setlist mode in a single instance, which acts as your master.
  • Use this master instance to select the rackspaces in the child instances.
  • You could achieve this via the song part outgoing midi messages (Song Part properties). They can send PC messages to each instance (use a separate channel for each instance) to select the rackspace / variation you need.

This is just a suggestion. There are probably other options.

Hmm that’s a good thought, but that’s a bit of a pain in the ass in it’s own way…maybe I can write a script that adds parts to the other instances after the master completes adding a section.

Oops, you know that when you are doing that - manipulating gig files directly -
you will get no support at all in case of issues?

And how would you create that content, plugin states, internal ID’s etc?

Oh damn, I just assumed there was a ‘/createSongPart’ OSC flag, but after checking the documentation, there’s no way to do that without editing the files directly, which I’m not going to do. I think for the time being, the method I have ain’t that bad. I’ll post here if I find a better way.