Karl Treier

Karl Treier (code name Jeremy Uno) is Trusted Advisor, Problem Solver, CTO, Founder, Full-stack Developer with Startup, along with Mid-market and Hyper-Scale (45M MAU) experience … … and keyboardist! :slight_smile:

Karl’s first exposure to electronic music that he remembers was listening to Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene on Top of the Pops in 1977. Then as a teenager in the late 70’s and early 80’s he became an avid fan of the burgeoning English electronic pop scene, buying vinyl from bands such as Tubeway Army, Gary Numan, OMD, Ultravox, John Foxx, Sparks, Kraftwerk, and Depeche Mode to name just a few.

His first exposure to a music keyboard was around the same time when his parents bought him a rather quirky device, a combination of an electronic organ, cassette tape, radio, microphone, and drum machine. Struggling to learn how to play it, a few years later he sought out lessons at the local Organ and Piano shop, and it was there he saw his first real synthesizer, and ARP Odyssey Mk I.

Karl’s passion for synthesizers has blossomed into a full-on obsession, and that obsession has grown into the desire to build the ultimate electronic music project studio. He is focused less on publishing his own music and more on the goal of mastering electronic music recording and engineering techniques, and synthesizer programming.

In this interview you can see how Karl is using Gig Performer in his studio:

Here’s a diagram of his setup:

And a couple of photos:

As for the non-music side of the story, Karl is a lead by example, innovation focused, problem solver and accomplished startup and mid-market CTO and consultant with experience in rapid tech debt elimination, and successful initiatives to build or re-architect hyper-scale applications onto the Azure public cloud. He has been a co-founder and member of the executive leadership team on multiple venture capital and private equity backed companies in diverse verticals including (Social Media, B2B Enterprise Software, and Healthcare).

We are very glad that Karl chose Gig Performer! :slight_smile:

More information:


New Backstage episode w/ Karl Treier.

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