Jorunna Custom box

Hi !

It’s time for me to leave my z8 sampler to have a computer on stage ! As I don’t really like to see laptops on stage, I made a little box to hide this !
Here is jorunna :

Inside is hidden a mini dell optiplex, a focusrite soundcard, an axoloti board for midi controllers and a small touch screen. I use extra expression pedals on it.
I use it for my midi keyboard and also as an effect processor for vocals.

Thanks gig performer to allow this to run perfectly on a modest computer !
This is for my band “temps calme” ( french band)


That’s one cool looking retro console!

Oh that looks absolutely AWESOME! Thanks for sharing.

I love it! :heart_eyes: Do you have a pinball machine software inside ? :sunglasses:

Haha ! Very good idea !!

@samumu And I saw that there is enough money on your bank account to buy some red flipper buttons and install on the sides of your GPB (Gig Performer Box) :eyes:
Be careful when posting pictures… icon_police

Oops ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Extra thumbs up for the Axoloti :wink:
No limits… ohh just the CPU eheh

Laissez le temps calme rouler!