Jong Jubal - Drum and Bugle Corps

Jong Jubal, founded in 1932 when Jubal’s membership exceeded 400, is a thriving junior association and is a ‘Young’ Jubal in every respect. Children aged 8 to 17 experience music and shows in a way that is good preparation for their career at Jubal. Jong Jubal is also known for its controversial shows that appeal not only to youth, but also to adult audiences. The success of this is evident from the many national and European titles.

Speaking of the titles, we received an e-mail from their program coordinator and arranger Ronald Wassink:

We became European Drum Corps champion!
Also thanks to Gig Performer which worked flawless again!
Thanks for all the work you put in to it!

Ronald Wassink
Jong Jubal Drum and Bugle corps
The Netherlands

Ronald is a long time Gig Performer user, you can read an older article from 2018 here. Congratulations to Jong Jubal and we wish them to Own the competition with Gig Performer in future! :slight_smile:

More information:


Here’s a Backstage with Gig Performer interview:

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