Joel Brazy

The latest Backstage with Gig Performer genres episode featured a keyboardist - Joel Brazy.

Check it out here:

Joel’s live setup with Gig Performer:

He collaborated with lots of artists like Kenny G, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Beach Boys.

He currently plays in Tumbling Dice (a tribute to the Rolling Stones), Code Blue, Honey Punch, and many more as “there are not so many keyboard players in Austin” :slight_smile:

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That episode was really cool! Joel dropped lots of information for the usage of Gig Performer… i liked it! :metal:

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I can’t wait the next episode, as well !!! :slight_smile:



Here’s a nice song → Joel Brazy - The Flame

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This was a great episode. Joel’s discussion about using Bandhelper with GP is exactly what I was looking for though I think the way he has it set up is the way I do.

He talks about jumping to any song in a set list by having the PC messages just select the new song which is what i do.

The issue though (I think) is that the predictive loading (for those using it) will assume to load the next and previous songs in the set list which is unlikely if bandhelper is jumping around because the PC messages are hard coded there.

I’ll try and follow up with Joel as well but I really hope the ability to hard code the PC messages in Gig performer is coming so that set lists can be created without changing the PC numbers.

Great stuff. Best episode yet.


So what? The consequences are kinda minimal

Yes of course - but if you know what the setlist will be and in which order then you can create a NEW setlist in GP with those songs and PC messages mtching band helper. Predictive loading will have enough data to “predict” in that case.

If you’re jumping around it obviously can’t know what your next move will be.

Ah @djogon and @dhj my understanding is the creation of the new setlist and adding the songs resequences the PCs that may have already been set up. That would require you to either change it in Bandhelper every time or edit the songs to match the original PC numbers that existed in the All Songs setlist.

And while the consequences are as @DHJ says, it does take longer to load them again which could be an issue if moving into songs quickly.

I’ll wait to see Joel’s article on how he does this in more detail and I know you guys are looking into it but I’d LOVE to see the ability to hard code the PC messages in Gig performer so that set lists can be created without changing the PC numbers (unless I’m missing something)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, however we’ve moved this request up in the priority which means it will be worked on sooner rather than later :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll soon have it working the way you need it to. Stay tuned…


Love to hear that guys. Fingers crossed.



Great backstage story!

It’s quite funny to see a similar ‘discovery’ on GP functionality - I can see a lot of parallels when looking at the ‘evolution’ my personal gig-files :laughing:

I’m using GP in a quite similar way: OnSong on my iPad as setlist trigger with 1:1 assigned setlists, having functionality in every single racks-space which could be located in a global rackspace or having functionality in a second instance of GP which could be moved to a global rackspace either. GP-scripts which are quite obsolete now, etc.

I think it’s time of a bigger rework on my main gigs :thinking:

BTW: Gain staging and dual mono:
I found the Alex Hilton A1StereoControl (A1AUDIO - VST, AU, AAX Plugins for MAC & PC by ALEX HILTON) and the LoudMax from Thomas Mundt ( extremely helpful just before my audio interface output :wink: