Jeff Wheeler

Jeff Wheeler is a Chapman Stick player from Salem, Oregon. He shook hands with Stanley Clarke in his prime and had Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report), Tony Levin (King Crimson), and Mark King (Level 42) as his inspirations.

The Chapman Stick and Gig Performer go along very well, see them in action! :slight_smile:

Gig Performer is software for his overall sound, effects, and recording. He trigger it through a Roland GR-55 guitar pedalboard.

Here are Panels and Wiring views for Rockin’ the Pink Panther:

Here’s another one - A Squirrel’s Dream:

And Panels and Wiring views:

Learn more:

  • Short Biography - LINK
  • Youtube channel - LINK
  • Reverbnation - LINK
  • Soundcloud - LINK

Jeff posts regularly on his Youtube channel.
At the very end of his videos are shown Panels and Wiring views of Gig Performer.

Here’s one of the recent videos.


Thanks so much for doing this–I really appreciate it! I’ve posted my last song (Drum Drops) of this 12 song series, “Videography of a Phantom Stick”. This page is a highlight for me and Gig Performer and your support has definitely made it fun and worthwhile. Thanks.


Hey Jeff,

You’re great :slight_smile: Welcome to the community :beers:

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