Jamstick Studio Anyone?

I just recently came across the Jamstick Studio and find it a very interesting instrument. For someone like me that plays guitar and keys, I’m thinking the ability to play simple midi parts along with a real guitar would provide some real versatility.

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

I’m wondering if any of the rest of my fellow gig performer users have used a Jamstick Studio, and if so, what has your experience been?


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I can’t answer about Jamstick because I gave up on midi guitar hardware solutions a long time ago (I’ve tried almost every piece of equipment since 1984).
If you want to play simple midi parts, try first the Midi Guitar software (functional demo without time limitation) which will let you know if you like playing midi guitar.
At this point, you can consider choosing a hardware solution if the software version doesn’t have enough possibilities for you (Midi Guitar still allows you to split ranges of notes on several midi channels for more features).
The advantage of the software solution is first of all the much more attractive price and the possibility to use any guitar (for example when you break a string :wink:)

Not a midi guitar specialist, but I like all types of midi controllers. I considered getting a Jamstick Stduio, but it does seem to have some issues tracking the notes. Besides, I have developed trigger finger in all my fingers, which makes it difficult to play the guitar though I can play the piano easier. The MIDI guitar app does a surprisingly good job. I tested it with my ukulele connected to the iPad. I thought it tracked notes very well. The IOS app is only $10. I might get the PC/Mac version, too.