Izotope vocal synth 2 vst 3 going a semitone out of tune


Hi guys im having trouble with this plugin, I use it in midi mode as a vocoder and have made a few rackspaces that have it in them which work fine. the problem is when i close gig performer and re open it the plugin is now a semitone out with all my other plugs. I reached out to isotope about this and they are unable to recreate it and they said that it is untested with gig performer. I have had this problem once before with the vst 3 version of blue 3 (ggaudio) and it was resolved by not using the vst 3 version of the plugin. I would try this but izotope doesn’t give that option


Semitone out of tune usually means mismatched sample rates


Im not sure how to correct this I have no problems with my daw??


Are you running your DAW and Gig Performer at the same time?


no I am not using at the same time it seems to fix when I replace the plugin with itself before I need to use it but will not not retain tuning when loading back into gig performer. I had exact same problem with blue 3 and was told not to use vst 3 version if possible by Ray. Don’t know if this helps


so I ended up downloading the standard vst version of the plugin and it is working so far fine it maintains it tuning when reloading gig performer. Any thoughts on this @dhj. as this seems to be a vst 3 thing or may be just coincidence


Thanks @onkeyz . We’ll investigate this further and see if there is something we can do. Great that you found a workaround though.


I had a similar experience with a VST 3 version of an Arturia synth… i will check that tomorrow.


Same out of tune experience here with sampletank 3


Well, i tried to reproduce the issue i had, but i couldn’t… everything went fine now.
All the VSTs were in tune, no matter if VST or VST3.


Thank everyone for reporting this. This is now fixed for the next update!