Issues with UVI Workstation/Falcon

Does anybody have UVI Workstation (or Falcon) ? Somebody emailed us that it doesn’t work properly with Gig Performer, in particular, when you turn a widget in Gig Performer, the associated knob in UVI only moves partially. Can anybody reproduce this? It seems really strange

I only have the free UVI Workstation, just went to check latest version, actually updated to latest v3.0.22

All seems ok.

You have 128 user assignable Host automations, then mapping some knobs all good!
Stop/Sync to Host/Play = OK

what knob could this be? main volume? = works nicely too.

I have Falcon.I use it quite a bit and haven’t noticed any anomalies. Will check on it later today.


Might be a longshot here, but from the UVI documentation you can remap ranges inside of UVI. Perhaps he previously or accidentally remapped something to have a limited range?


I’ve also tried it and going from UVI->GP everything works smoothly, but going from GP->UVI (e.g. moving a widget) looks a little “choppy”. It does work and the values are correct its just not smooth.

This seems to work better in VST2 edition vs. AU edition. Tried other hosts and the behaviour is the same.

Can’t see I could find anything really wrong with this. One has to use host automation though… as with UVI one has to assign the knobs to slots.