Issues with Scarbee Clavinet plugin

The Scarbee Clavinet plugin interface has a pair of radio buttons labelled “main” and “FX”, which allow switching back and forth between the main screen and the effects screen. At least, this is how it functions in the standalone Kontakt app, and also when I use the Kontakt plugin in Reaper.

However, in GP (4.8 on Windows 10), the buttons just light up when I click them. They don’t function as radio buttons (i.e. it’s possible to have both or neither lit at once), and I can’t get to the other interface screen no matter what combination of the two buttons I engage.

I’m supposing this is some sort of incompatibility between GP 4.8 and the Kontakt plugin (I’ve tried both the full Kontakt 6, and the Kontakt 7 Player). Has anyone else experienced this and do you know of a workaround?

Kontakt 7 full. GP 5. Windows 11 Pro.

I loaded an instance of Kontakt 7 in a new gig file and selected the Clavinet - Full preset. I was able to toggle back and forth between the main and FX screens using the radio buttons.

Sorry I can’t be of any help.

Well, who knows, it seems to be working for me now. I think the problem is that I’m running out of RAM, so the plugin was probably behaving unpredictably due to insufficient memory (though it never issued any sort of error message).

(I did happen to upgrade to GP5 in the meantime, which muddies my science obviously, but I don’t actually think this was likely a GP4 bug.)

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