Issues with Plugins and Sonoma 14.4

Got an email from Kilohearts

Unfortunately, we have to join the chorus of audio software developers advising users against upgrading your MacOS to Sonoma 14.4.

A few users have reported various problems with Kilohearts plugins in the latest MacOS update and we are in the process of working out what is causing them and finding a solution.

In the meantime, we recommend avoiding updating your OS, if possible. If you run into any issues with our software, please email the details to Kilohearts Support so we can keep you updated.


Info from iLok about Sonoma 14.4 issues:

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It seems it is very wise to not update your macOS.

Something like this seems to happen with just about every macOS update. Did I have some issues upgrading from Win7 to Win10? Yes. [Note: I skipped DOS4, Vista and Win8 completely.] Did I have some issues upgrading from Win10 to Win11? Yes, but not as many as from Win7 to Win10. Have I had some issues with the biannual Win10 and Win11 updates. Nothing major for me. Macs have a lot going for them, but I’ll never spend any of my money on one. I entered the Appleverse when I bought an iPod and learned my lesson that, yes, there is a verse below the Underverse.

I’m still running 10.14

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Update with fix from Apple (Sonoma 14.4.1)

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Only Audio Unit plugins, huh?

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This issue is interesting in more ways than one.
Only M2 and M3?
Only AU?

Updated FAQ from iLok about Sonoma compatibility:

Hello, I’m with Sonoma 14.4.1 and it’s still impossible to import components, or VST3 files…

What happens if you just delete the failed ones from the list and rescan?

Do those plugins use iLok?

Hello, no, they don’t use ilok
I deleted them. for one it is ok ( thanks ) but for the other, it’s impossible for instance ( Leikkaus.vst3 )

That seems to be a permission setting of the plugin.

You can try this

App can’t be opened because Apple can’t check it

thanks a lot,
I have contacted the developper. for the instance it’s still in standby.
I type exactly this command : sudo xattr -r -d path/to/your/plugin
but not effecient… is it corresponding at what I have to write ?

This you have to change to your physical path to the plugin

On my system for example



Yes ! !
thank you very much Paul

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