Issues with GP slow to get audio from song changes in setlist

Hi All. I’ve been ask by the people at GP to post my issues here instead of creating a support ticket. I’m in the trial version trying to decide if I want this program to use in my live guitar rig setup. I was doing fine creating Rackspaces and got my midi foot switches to work with GP and started creating a setlist. I watched many videos about how to do these things but did not find how to quickly or automatically create new songs in the setlist. I did finally ask a question on a Facebook group and found out I could do this and how. After automatically creating my setlist, bad things started happening. I started getting audio dropouts, popping and clicking noises. Some of the toggle switches in the setlist songs stopped activating a plugin when the switch does work in the rackspace. When switching from song to song in the setlist, I’m not hearing the audio for several seconds. It’s worse just after opening GP. I’m using a Mac mini 2018 with Ventura 13.4.1. Apollo Twin Quad interface firewire. Soleman midi foot controller, Irig stomp I/O as a foot controller. I’ve tried changing buffer size and sample rates but without any luck.

So, when you use rackspaces in the Panels view, there is no drop outs?
Problem started happening when you mirrored rackspaces to Songs using an undocumented feature?


What happens when you use built in templates?

Are there any drop-outs?

There are drop outs in both places. What’s happening between the rackspaces and setlist is some plugins are not activated by a toggle switch in setlist but works fine in rackspace. I should also say I made a mistake in my system configuration as to having firewire but I have thunderbolt connction with my interface. Yes the problem started after mirroring the backspaces to create the songs in a setlist. I just now tried changing the plugins from VST3 to VST and AU without any change. I’ve checked my computer for issues and have found none so far. I will try the templates and see what happens.

So you’re saying that before you mirrored the rackspaces, everything worked fine.

It doesn’t make particular sense that creating a setlist from rackspaces would cause such a problem but the feature is undocumented because it has never really been tested deeply (it was created for a specific need with the intent of being temporary but the feature was never removed)

What toggle switch?