Issue with Tonecarver Regen

Regen is a four independent tracks looper.
It accepts stereo input and supports 4 stereo outputs.

In GP (Windows 10), it is loaded as a mono in/out plugin and appears twice in the plugins windows.
It is as if GP sees 2 mono plugin instead of a stereo one.

Is there a way to manage this issue ?

Regen by Tonecarver

Right click in the plugin, in the pop menu you can select Bus layout.
Documentation about that you can find here:

Ouch! GP is great and community members are valuable :smiley:

I spent a lot of time reading the user manual and I missed that one.
But however, by looking at the page concerned, I found that the link above is inactive:

Bus Layout – Opens the Channel and Bus Layout dialog.

So I did not really miss it, I just did not find the explanation :smirk:

Finally I have no excuses: everyting is explained at the bottom of the page… icon_facepalm