Issue with Plugin callback

Trying to write a simple script that updates the displayed values on a knob whenever an underlying parameter on Valhalla Supermassive is changes. The GPScript handle is correctly set for Valhalla. Can’t for the life of me figure out why I’m getting an argument type mismatch. Tried several different GPScript ID’s for Valhalla (Valhalla, ValVerb) with the same results.

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Why do you need that script?
When a widget is mapped to a plugin parameter then the direct change of the parameter in the plugin should send back the value to the widget.
Or do you change a parameter in the plugin which causes changes of other parameters and this change you want see in all mapped widgets?

I can’t check that at the moment, but maye (just a thought) the term “Val” is somehow used internally… try to use something else as variable name, like “Valhalla” or such…

Did you try with

Var Val : Block ?

What is Block?

OK - good catch - fixed for next update

The RefreshWidgetsMappedToPlugin was not defined with the Autotype so it didn’t recognize PluginBlock as being a subtype of Block


From the GPScript functions list:

function RefreshWidgetsMappedToPlugin (p : Block)

Thanks for the welcome. Long story short I have a knob widget tied to the delay time that constantly shows the value (1/4, 1/8, etc.). When I switch the time base from normal to dotted or triplet (using three radio grouped switches), that value display didn’t update unless I tweaked the knob. RefreshWidgetsMappedToPlugin looked like a way to get around that. I know there are other ways to get the same result, but that one looked the simplest and fastest to implement.

Glad to know its a bug and not me :grinning:

Awesome program BTW.

I ran into this issue while scripting with 4.8.2

I have set all widgets controlling Helix Native Parameters to 0 prior to calling a new GP User Preset.
I am trying to refresh all the widgets for Parameters in Helix Native, after calling a new GP User Preset.
How would I do this if RefreshWidgetsMappedToPlugin is not working yet?