Issue with Melda Superlooper 16in/16out

I have a gig file for various basses, upright and electric, sharing a Global Rackspace of various ins and outs, a delay/reverb paralell thingy ending up in a Looper from Melda and split out to FOH and my own Monitor mixer.

I was planning on using the 16out/16in version of the superlooper plugin to be able to keep my instruments seperate all the way to FOH.

When inserting the plugin, it shows up as a block with 8 inputs and 8 outs. However, only the first 2 ins and out give any sound.
I do however get sound from the rest when opening the Bus Layout, but it goes away again when closing that window making it rather useless as nothing can be controlled while the window is open. (bus layout)

Is this an issue with GP and how it works with multi-stream audio, or is it a Melda issue of compatibility with GP?

Thanks for any input (or rather, Inputs and outputs 3-8)


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With Superlooper 16in/16 out, you’ll only hear the signal being routed to the active track. You can route the Input/Output in the Settings of each track (for example, Track 1 using Input/Output 1, Track 2 using Input/Output 2 etc). When you select Track 1, you’ll hear the Input/Output of 1. Selecting Track 2 you’ll then hear the Input/Output of 2.

In the vid, I have Track 1 set up for Input/Output 1(channel 1 +2), Track 2 for Input/Output 2(channel 3 +4), Track 3 for Input/Output 3(channel 5+6), and Track 4 for Input/Output 4(channel 7+8).


Aha, ok, thanks.
So it only relates to the tracks of the looper? No way to set it up so that input 3&4 can record to track 1 (and 2 and 3 and 4 etc)and be output to outup 3&4?
I guess I’ll have to have one superlooper instance per instrument anyway?

That’s how I have it set up, because I need to record more than one track at a time and Superlooper doesn’t have that capability in one instance.